Split Case

Flow Range: up to 5000 gpm
Pressure Range: up to 280 ft of Head
HP Range: 7.5 to 250 hp
Fluid Temp Range: max temp range 250 deg F
Applications: large volume, municipal water supply
Brands: Goulds, Wilo


Goulds G & L 8300 Pumps

Goulds’ mounted, suctioned A-C 8300 pumps feature bronze-fitted construction and a maximum operating pressure of 175 psig. Their internal self-flushing mechanical seals provide optimal lubrication, debris clearance, and heat transfer, which can greatly extend the seal’s life. Users are easily able to service the seal and pump bearings without disturbing the upper casing, motor components, or piping components.

Wilo SCP Pumps

The Wilo SCP pumps feature horizontally split casing, which gives users easy access to replace bearings and seals while avoiding disturbing the rest of the system. A double suction design promotes optimal efficiency and hydraulic balance to minimize axial thrust. These pumps are highly customizable, with nine different material specs and eight different seal types available.