Water Systems

Franklin Solar

Flow Range: up to 5000 gpm
Pressure Range: up to 280 ft of Head
HP Range: 7.5 to 250 hp
Fluid Temp Range: max temp range 250 deg F
Applications: large volume, municipal water supply
Brands: Goulds, Wilo

Water is essential to all forms of life. In many remote locations around the world, traditional power is unavailable or unreliable to power a submersible pump and motor. Franklin Electric is committed to quality, availability, service, innovation, and value by developing new systems for renewable energy while using our proven system technologies.


Franklin Fhoton SolarPAK

The Franklin Fhoton SolarPAK is the solution to your solar pumping needs. It combines quality materials with innovative design based on global market trends and technical expertise in groundwater pumping. This is a high-output, rugged system that is usable in harsh and remote environments.