Grundfos Solar Pumps

PumpsOK is a proud authorized distributor of Grundfos water pumps and solar pumping solutions. Solar-powered water well pumps are the latest in their technology-driven series, which includes premium stainless steel submersible well pumps, pressure boosting pumps, and industrial transfer pumps. 

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Grundfos Solar Pump Features

Photovoltaic solar cells. These solar cells can deliver 1.1 kilowatts of power to the solar-powered pumping system, are resilient to wind and hail, and carry a standard 20-year warranty.

Helical rotor design. This design optimizes efficiency and minimizes the total number of solar cells required.

AD/DC capability. In addition to the pump running directly utilizing DC current from the solar cells, the pump can also run from Alternating Current (AC), either from a permanent AC supply or a portable AC power supply such as a generator.

Ideal for rural applications. The Grundfos SQ Flex solar-powered pumping system is ideal in locations where rural electric power is not readily available. At just a fraction of the cost of running a power line from a primary electric source, the SQ Flex solar-powered pumping system can be installed in very remote locations in just a few hours.  

Cost-efficient. Many farmers and ranchers have realized significant cost savings by installing the Grundfos SQ Flex solar-powered pump systems. By only having to drill a water well and not having to install a costly electric service to the well site, the solar-powered water well pumps actually pay for themselves by generating their own power.

Solar Irrigation Solutions

PumpsOK custom fabricates solar irrigation solutions to fit your application, and we build them to run cleaner, quieter, and more economically. Our solar pumping systems produce no emissions and generate no noise. They’re more reliable than wind power and significantly cheaper and cleaner than diesel power. Read more.

Solar Pumps in Developing Countries

The Grundfos SQ Flex solar-powered water pump systems have also been installed in very remote third-world countries for the primary water supply for villages that have no access to electricity. Read more.



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