Solar Irrigation Solutions

PumpsOK custom fabricates solar irrigation solutions to fit your application, and we build them to run cleaner, quieter, and more economically.

Our solar pumping systems produce no emissions and generate no noise. They’re more reliable than wind power, and significantly cheaper and cleaner than diesel power.

Solar Pump Benefits

  • Renewable energy supply. Solar panels are a clean, sustainable energy source, producing no noise and no emissions.
  • Built-in electronics, easy installation. Solar pumping systems are plug and play. Simply installing the pump and wiring it to the panels allow for basic application use. This eliminates the need for complex control systems allowing for ease of installation.
  • Reliable water supply. Eliminate dependence on unreliable electrical service and unpredictable electrical issue. Battery backup system can be utilized during periods of limited solar exposure. So even when the sun is not shinning you can have a steady supply of water.
  • Low operating costs. Solar pumping systems eliminate most operational costs. After the initial investment these units can provide water with minimal upkeep and no additional electrical bills. Traditional electrical pump systems not only add a monthly expense but in many rural applications an electrical service can be extremely costly to run upon install.
  • Dry-running protection. Solar pumps can be purchased with electrode sensors that will shut the pump down as well water drops to levels that would cause damage to the motor. Eliminating the need for costly external float or sensor systems. This sensor can be set at an adjustable height above the pump and will automatically restart the pump once the water has risen above the electrode for a set amount of time.
  • Built-in motor protection. Many of our solar pump units come standard with over and under voltage protection, allowing the motor to sense the voltage drops or spikes and adjust to protect the motor from unnecessary damage. If the motor exceeds the overload limit, the motors can automatically reduce its speed to compensate for the change and continue providing water flow. If the motor falls below a certain RPM it will shut down but has an automatic restart. This allows the motor to protect itself but eliminates the need for a trip to the site for a manual restart.
  • High efficiency. Solar pump motors are equipped with permanent-magnet motors. These are much more efficient in comparison to a standard asynchronous motor. The higher efficiency allows the motor to pump more water per horsepower, eliminating the need for oversizing the panel array and saving on installation cost.
  • Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT). Many of the solar pumps available from PumpsOK come standard with a microprocessor, which provide continuous duty-point optimization according to the input power. This automatically calculates the optimal efficiency based on the power available. So the motor will adjust itself and always give you the most efficient and highest water yield based on the power currently available.
  • Wide voltage range. Solar Pumps can operate from 30-300 VDC or 90-240 VAC.  This allows for easier sizing in wide levels of well depth for each pump. The wide depth range allows for an easy pump selection in which a pumps depth can be adjusted simply by adding available wattage. 
  • Built-in sand shield. Prevents sand damage to the pump by slinging it away from the working parts at the base of the pump end. Sand can destroy your pump’s internal components. This shield adds to the longevity of a solar pump in extra sandy applications

How Solar Pumping Systems Work

The SQFlex family is an environmentally-friendly water supply system. SQFlex pumps are fitted with a permanent magnet motor that enables the efficient use of energy from a wide range of supply options. The pump system offers the perfect water supply solution in remote areas where water is scarce and the power supply is non-existent or unreliable.

The SQFlex system is flexible to its energy supply and performance. It can be combined and adapted to any need according to the conditions on the installation site. A battery backup system can store the extra energy generated and take over when the primary energy source is not available.

SQFlex is more than just a pump – it's a complete system. Thanks to its built-in electronics, the pump is compatible with both DC and AC power supply without requiring an external inverter.

The complete range consists of eleven different pump sizes: Five helical rotor pumps for applications where a high head is required, and six centrifugal pumps for applications where a greater flow rate is necessary.

Solar Pump Applications

Being designed for continuous, as well as intermittent operation, the SQFlex system is especially suitable for water supply applications in remote locations, such as:

  • Rural villages, schools, hospitals, single-family houses, etc.
  • Farms
    • Watering cattle
    • Irrigation of fields and greenhouses
  • Game parks and game farms
    • Watering applications
  • Conservation areas
    • Surface water pumping
    • Floating pump installations for pumping water from ponds and lakes